Here's what hackers are doing with old Android security flaws

A flaw dating back to July 2020 and then rectified in January 2021, remains exploitable by hackers. This flaw stems from a fragility in the Qualcomm type graphics chips found in all Android devices. It is therefore an obligation to update your Android smartphones. Better still, the largest search engine Google stipulates that a corrected security flaw is not necessarily unexploitable. As a result, it confirms that its protection teams have obviously detected the attack on Android from this vulnerability that occurred in July 2020. Here are the details in this article.

The Event

The whole thing comes from the non-updating of smartphones. Since the majority of users have not validated the rule, hackers are in a hurry to make use of it. This mention of CVE-2020-11261 in the protection bulletins is due to a flaw in the graphics chipsets present in Android devices that use chipsets from this designer. According to the founders, this vulnerability can be exploited to cause a corruption error via a malicious application. And will be able to access a major part of the phone's memory.

Mandatory Smartphone Update

By doing so, you will be completely safe. If you update your Android, hackers will no longer have the ability to maliciously launch its codes via this application. In more detail, it's that this attack is not carried out remotely as you might have thought. It is rather a bit complex and set up. This would mean that you have to update regularly to ensure that the application installed on the smartphone is not flawed.
This is why Google considers the attack to be minimal. Because it turns out that if the user updates their devices, the patch will be effective. On the other hand, Qualcomm has been diligent in putting online a list of attackable processors.

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