How to transform a kitchen faucet into a mobile home?

If your kitchen faucet is no longer comfortable for you, then why not transform it into a mobile home faucet? This is a job you can undertake on your own and with a wide range of taps available from €38, a makeover on a budget. Continue reading this article to understand how to change a kitchen faucet and completely transform the sink area.

Start by checking the blood pressure and remove the old faucet

You should know that you should need some kits before the work, to note, a tape and a tool case without forgetting the plumber's pliers. Visit the website for a big detail on how to turn a kitchen faucet into a mobile home. Indeed, to get the most out of your new faucet, it will be necessary to satisfy the water pressure of your home. If it is low, a faucet designed to operate at low pressure will ensure a constant flow, while if it is high, it is better to choose a faucet that has more advanced features, such as a spray head. However, to remove the old faucet, note which supply tube is hot and which side is cold, labeling with tape. Then turn off the water, with the shut-off valves and open the tap water to drain. At the base of the faucet you will find a brass nut that holds the faucet in place. This is the nut that screws onto the threaded rod that is attached to the base of the faucet. You will also find a washing machine.  Use a socket wrench to loosen it.

Now install your new faucet

Here you need to know that the new faucet will have a tube with an external thread at the base. Push the tube down through the hole in the sink or countertop, and then push the support plate and washer onto the tube. Install the nut and tighten with plumber's pliers. Do not forget to check that the hot and cold connectors are not bent. Reconnect the valves or supply pipes. But, if the old faucet had a hose, remember that installing a new faucet should be simple. Finally, tighten the fittings and turn on the water.