Improving email deliverability: what are the best tips to achieve this?

Email deliverability is in a way the number of messages that reach the recipient's inbox without being put in a spam folder, filtered or deleted. It is the perfect way to make email campaigns successful. That is why it is important to improve it. To achieve this, this article provides you with some effective tips. 

Contact list hygiene is important

In order to maintain the hygiene of your contact lists, all the data you collect must not contain typos, inactive addresses or non-existent addresses. Today, there are companies like the one on this site that allow you to check all your email addresses. 

When there is a mail shooter on a base with several bad addresses, there is a much higher bounce rate which negatively affects deliverability. Also, your online forms should contain an opt-in field to allow you to send emails to those who want to receive them. This facilitates an increase in your open rate and a decrease in the unsubscribe rate. 

Both of these rates are crucial elements that improve deliverability. It should be mentioned that double opt-in is also a better way to improve the hygiene of your contact list. It consists of sending an e-mail to a person who has signed up. This mail usually contains a link that invites the recipient to click on it. Also note that inactive contacts should be removed from your mailing list because they are less likely to open your emails.

Take care of the content of the email

There are several elements that go into the care of an email. The first element is the subject line, as this is what will make the person you have sent the email to want to open it. So, the subject line of your email should not contain keywords such as money, finance, super promo, tax, etc. Instead, it can contain emojis or a personalization. As an example of a personalization, you can put your name. 

The other element to take care of the content is the weight of the email. Indeed, the weight of the email has a huge impact on the deliverability because an email that is too heavy is much more likely to fall into the spam box. It is advisable not to exceed a total weight of 500kb for the email. 

In short, email deliverability is impacted by several parameters. The most important thing to remember is that improving deliverability requires a clean contact list and careful content.