Japanese clothing: a mix of comfort and class

Each region is basically characterized by its style of dress. While in West African countries the trend is towards loincloths, Europeans have a more formal and chic look. The modernization has made the way of dressing more general that there is almost no distinction in this respect. Some countries like Japan have nevertheless kept their fashion which is quite particular. 

How is the world of clothing constructed in Japan?

Japan is a very lively and colorful country. japanese clothes have as first characteristic the comfort. Designed to be loose, whether traditional or modern, they are called over size. Japanese people love what strikes the eye and what is out of the ordinary. It would not be surprising to come across in the streets of this country, people who decorate their clothes with a samurai mask. This is the kind of look that manga and scan directors give to their characters. 

The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun have a weakness for everything that gives them a mystical side. The youngest are fans of bomber and hoodie. The outfits have the particularity of being very short and sticky if they are not wide and long. It is the law of the all or nothing that reigns in this wonderful country. 

Expansion of the Japanese style in the world

Let's face it, Japanese outfits make you want to wear them. Not only do they allow the wearer a margin of convenience, but they are elegant and simplistic. Being made to normally cover the entire body, a climate problem arises. It would not be easy to wear a bomber and sneakers all day in the middle of a tropical region. The Japanese style then spread to Europe and America, whose temperate climate is a favorable factor. 

It is not surprising to see some people adopting this kind of clothing in African countries, as they are inspiring. An over size sweater and jogging, custom sneakers and a hat, that's all you need to look like a Japanese. What are you waiting for to try it!