Nike's profitability on the stock market: let's talk about it

Whether it's sportsmen or sports enthusiasts, many love Nike brand sports kits. For example, there are Nike branded clothes and Nike shoes. But the question that may arise is how Nike manages to achieve such great success on the world market. If you didn't know about Nike before, or if you want to know more, this is the right time.

Brief overview of Nike's birth and business explosion

The Nike brand is a benchmark stock index in the sports sector. It is a brand that is recording an increase in sales every year. How did the Nike brand come about? Although we will answer all possible questions in the article, we suggest you visit nike stock for more information. Talking about the birth of the Nike brand, it was born from the meeting of Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Bill Bowerman was a track and field coach and Phil Knight was a middle distance runner and at the same time an economics student. After they met in 1971, they decided to create the Nike brand. In fact, it was a company specialising in the sale of sports shoes. Moreover, it should be noted that Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight were already selling sports shoes in 1964 before they started the company. Today, Nike has been successful in the world of sports. It works with partners who are stars in sports. For example, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Tiger Woody.

Nike succeeds through import partnerships in several countries

This is to explain a bit about the business methods Nike uses around the world. Firstly, it all started with a simple sale of sports shoes in 1964. Then a business was set up. But you should know that Nike does not have a shoe manufacturing industry. Nike succeeded by importing shoes. Most of the shoes are made in Japan. It is not only shoes that Nike continues to sell. You can find sports jerseys, sports kits like gloves, socks, backpacks, knee pads... You can say that Nike is the first brand that makes sports accessories. But there is this tough competition with Adidas.