The essentials to know about a biometric passport

Without the passport, you cannot travel to a foreign country. There are nowadays two types of passport namely: the biometric passport and the electronic passport. The second is what we used everywhere, but it seems that some countries no longer accept and they require the biometric one. What can we understand then about the biometric passport? This article will give you more information.

 The biometric passport: definition

When we talk about the biometric passport, it is a small document that consists of other very important elements. Inside a biometric passport, there is a section for information and and personal data relating to the identity of the owner. There is also a part that includes an identity photo in digital format and a part with two fingerprints. What makes a biometric passport special is its authenticity. This type of passport cannot be falsified. It is a document that prevents the theft of your identity.

Which passport should be preferred between the biometric one and the electronic one?

It would be very difficult to designate a passport in between as the most important. Even if some countries no longer allow the electronic passport, there is a solution. If you want to travel to a country that requires a biometric passport like the United States, it would be best if you apply for a specific visa.

Passport application process

Where do I apply for the passport? It is in a town hall that it is done. If you can get an appointment, that's enough. This is the first phase to go through. Then there are the parts to provide. You will have to provide your identity card together with the original birth certificate and nationality certificate. You will also add an identity photo (35mm / 45mm), a CERFA form, tax stamps, proof of address.

These are the constituent parts of the file for the passport application. But it will take about two months for the passport to be ready.