Tips for doing your SEO optimization well

To carry out its activities, any company needs to make itself known.  There are ways today to make your business activities visible. Either through advertising, creation and referencing of your site.  SEO helps ensure the visibility of the by attracting a lot of visitors.  The content of this article is focused on techniques to optimize your own SEO.


Check if you are on Google

Google has a technique of saving information on a website, and that’s through the index. Known as the indexing process, it determines the exact location of a page so that it can be seen by others. By going to the site, you can access the original source of the information.  To find out if you rank well on Google, do a search while entering the URL of the site. You will have a positive result which equates your site to another, such as Wikipedia.  If the result is negative, be aware that there could be several reasons for this, such as :

 • The sites corresponding to yours are non-existent

 • The site is new and has therefore not been visited yet

 • Bad site creation

 To overcome this problem, check what published by your site is of quality or whether it should be changed or not.


Determine which pages on your site not to visit

To make this easier, you can hire a professional or use specific tools, such as robots.txt, which is an encoding file. It is a tool that tells search engines which places to visit or not on your site.  However, this solution is still not 100% effective.  These pages can be visited if they are not well secured. Indeed, to effectively check the content published on your site, you can :

 • Do not use any index, to cancel the indexing of certain pages

 • immobilize the display of the platform on local servers, thanks to Google Search

In reality, it is a system that prevents users or visitors from accessing certain pages on your site.  Apart from all the provisions stated above, the deletion of a said security page or password remains strong, as a means of restriction.