What criteria should I use to find a good classified ad site? 

Everything can be bought or sold on classifieds websites. Whether it is computers, telephones, televisions, clothes, utensils and anything else that can be useful to man. So, to get rid of an old object for an income, or to publish a service, it is possible to do so on these sites. However, it will be necessary to consider some criteria of the platforms such as: the audience, the evaluations, the publication, the taxes, the price, etc.

The audienc

Classifieds sites are either specialists or generalists. To learn more, click this site. Indeed, some sites give a great visibility to the ads published on their platform, while remaining too numerous.

On the other hand, there are other more specialized classifieds sites, specified in a very precise category of publication. Only, the commissions on the sale for these sites are higher. On the other hand, the majority of the platforms of second-hand between private individuals, propose free publications of advertisements.

On these sites, you can add photos to your ads, make changes several times, and also, renew your publication for free. The costs arise only if you want to make your product more visible than others. You can take advantage of this to multiply your publications on several services


The payment on the classifieds websites is usually done online. The person who wants to buy pays the amount of money to the platform, which gives it back to the seller, once the transaction is validated. This is the best option for the seller to be truly reimbursed, and for the buyer to receive his product.

However, some platforms delegate the transaction of funds and goods to the customers themselves. However, it is important to know how the delivery is done on the chosen platform.

When the resale platform takes care of the delivery, the associated costs are always managed by the buyers. The buyer will be able to have an exact purchase amount and then enjoy lower fees. The seller will just have to label his goods.