What to do with a found cat ?

It happens that at a street corner, your eyes fall on a stray cat. Unfortunately, not everyone has in mind the procedure to follow in case of such a find. This is the reason for the existence of this article. Indeed, it goes back over the gestures and the process that you must respect when you find a stray cat.

Make the initial findings

The first thing to check when you come across a stray cat is whether or not it is injured. In the first case, you are obliged to call a veterinarian. Don't worry, the costs are usually covered by the municipality. By the way, pop over to this site. In addition, remember that it is strongly discouraged to approach the survivor without protection. Why not? Simply because stray cats are by nature suspicious and aggressive with strangers. In fact, you should call the institution in charge of the pound. .

Some additional indications

Once the first observations are made and reported to the right person, the institution sets in motion the system designed for such situations. In this case, the institution sends the agents of the pound to get the cat and send it to a veterinarian. There follows a period of care during which research is carried out. These are successful when the animal is identified. In this case, the found owner is contacted. However, if there are no signs linking the cat to a person, the rescued animal is sent to the pound. 

This is the most common case. Unfortunately, sometimes the cat's situation is untenable and the pound has no choice but to euthanize it. But don't panic, there is a second option if you are feeling charitable. Indeed, you can decide to take the animal back at your expense. But if you decide to keep it, you become responsible for it and the different expenses are at your charge. In addition, it is highly recommended that an investigation be carried out to find the true owner. Most often, a stray found is a sign that people somewhere are worried.