Why use a time lapse camera in construction ?

The construction industry is one of the sectors that requires a high level of precision and permanent monitoring. From the beginning of a project, having an overview of the progress of the work and a database is essential. However, this is a difficult task to accomplish. For this purpose, the building experts decided to resort to the assistance of technology. Over time, the use of cameras then became essential, especially those operating in time lapse.

What is time lapse camera ?

With a good camera, you have a detailed and good quality recording. The time lapse camera is among the reference models with manufacturers. To realize the importance of the time lapse camera in the construction, it is better to start by understanding its operation. Do not hesitate to see this website for more information. 

The mechanism consists of capturing a series of photographs intermittently. The photographs are then arranged into a short video. This allows to quickly show the progress of the work over a defined period of time. The montage typically includes about 20 photos within a one second time frame.

What are the advantages of using it in the construction industry ?

The use of the time lapse camera in construction brings many advantages, such as the possibility of quickly monitoring the site live, optimization of time thanks to the non-necessity of a particular installation for the camera, better productivity of teams working on the site, files available to attest to the qualifications of the company, etc. 

The camera is directly connected to a software that is accessible by the entire technical team of the project. All the photos taken are transferred to a cloud, preventing data loss. They are categorized chronologically and by month. This is one less task to perform because the archiving is automatically executed by the software. The files are then obtained by a simple search on the virtual storage. The device saves logistical constraints for the manufacturers, being waterproof and solid.